Two men were arrested early Thursday after a convenience store was burglarized in Kissimmee.

According to Osceola County deputies, the culprits were spotted leaving the store around 2 a.m. in a white pickup truck. Deputies said the men tried to get away, but Stop Sticks were quickly set up to cause the truck to crash.

Officers said the men then bailed out of the truck and ran into a wooded area.  K-9 units quickly tracked down Michael Aldridge, 23, and Kalvain Tatum, 35, according to police reports. They added that one of the suspects was treated for dog bite wounds sustained from the K-9 units.

Officers believe the suspects to be responsible for five convenience store burglaries in Osceola County, starting with a Neighborhood Discount Beverage and a Sunoco that were robbed on Sept. 30.