Orlando police arrested a man they say was trying to break into a home and attack the people inside after being caught by the homeowner peering into the home.

Robert Dann-Goldberg, 50, has been charged with burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery in the incident on Dockside Drive.

Police said the victim approached Dann-Goldberg on Tuesday night after the victim says Dann-Goldberg was looking in from outside of the screened-in porch. The victim told police he recognized Dann-Goldberg from a few days earlier when his daughter was painting her nails in the porch and said a man was staring at her.

The victim confronted Dann-Goldberg, who then opened the patio door and stepped inside, according to the police report. The victim then punched Dann-Goldberg in the face, police said.

Dann-Goldberg grabbed the victim's urinary stoma, a medical device for a bladder issue, and threatened to kill the victim, according to police.

Dann-Goldberg was arrested but his wife, Irene Goldberg, told Local 6 he is wrongfully accused.

"What do you think of those accusations?" asked Local 6's Kala Rama.

"I think -- I can't say what I want, a lot expletives," said Goldberg. "It's ridiculous my husband is a vet and he's in school to be a vet tech."

Dann-Goldberg said he was taking his dog for a walk around 10 p.m. Tuesday and claims he was attacked by Richard Ortiz.

"My husband said the guy hit him in the face and knocked glasses to the patio floor," said Irene Goldberg.

Dann-Goldberg told police Ortiz also kicked his dog.

In their report, police listed Ortiz as the victim, and charged Dann-Goldberg with assault.

Ortiz said Dann-Goldberg made threats against him. "He said he will be back and he's going to kill me," Ortiz told Local 6.

Ortiz, a cancer survivor who has a urinary stoma to empty his bladder, told investigators that Dann-Goldberg grabbed the stoma when he confronted him and that's when he punched Goldberg in the face.

"I had a little blood in my urine and pan on my kidneys," Ortiz said.

In court Wednesday afternoon, a judge lowered Dann-Goldberg's bond to $5,000. The judge said the entire confrontation appeared to happen outside and did not justify an additional burglary charge, which was dropped.

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