OCALA, Fla. -

Ocala Police say a high school student has been arrested on charges of video voyeurism, accused of taking videos up two girls' skirts on two separate occasions.

Police arrested Broderick Lanctot, 18, on Wednesday. He has since bonded out of the Marion County jail.

Police say the first incident occurred on September 9 inside West Port High School's cafeteria, while the second incident happened in a classroom on October 3.

According to an Ocala Police report, Lanctot would sit at a table or desk near a group of girls who were standing up, then whip out his phone and start shooting video up his victims' skirts.

At least two other students witnessed the first incident, but never told school staff. Police say Lanctot was finally caught after the second victim turned around and noticed what was happening. In a bizarre twist, police say the two victims are also sisters.

Police say Lanctot initially denied the allegations, but later admitted to the crimes.

When Local 6 knocked on Lanctot's door Thursday night, a man who answered identified himself as Lanctot, but declined to comment.

"I'm outraged," said Joann Morton, whose two daughters attend West Port High.

Morton said she had no idea about the arrest until Local 6 told her about the incidents.

"The school can't control all the actions, I just think that when things happen, they need to let us know," said Morton.

West Port High School Principal Jayne Ellspermann said Lanctot was immediately suspended for 10 days and, depending on the outcome of the investigation, he may be expelled.

"We don't tolerate children doing what he did with his cell phone. That was inappropriate," said Ellspermann. "No female should be concerned that someone would hold a cell phone beneath their skirt."

Ellspermann says there have been no other reports of Lanctot recording inappropriate videos and he has no prior history of this behavior.