The state called Rachel Jeantel, Witness 8, to testify on Wednesday about the phone call she had with Trayvon Martin moments before the teen was fatally shot by George Zimmerman.

Jeantel, who gave a consistent testimony with an attitude appearing to amuse and befuddle jurors, testified that she told Martin to run the night of the shooting after he told her he thought he was being followed.

Zimmerman told police he was keeping track of the teenager because there had been a rash of crime in the area. A confrontation ensued, and Zimmerman said he was forced to kill Martin in self-defense.

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Jeantel, 19, was only identified as 'Witness 8' leading up to the trial. She said in the courtroom on Wednesday that she and Martin were only friends and never dated.

Jeantel, who was being questioned by prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda, said that Martin told her that a "man was watching him," and Martin described him as "creepy-a** cracker." Jeantel said she was worried that the man was a "rapist."

Jeantel said Martin told her he wanted to lose him by walking back home and then he said the man was following him.

"He said 'now the n**** is following me," Jeantel said, adding that she told him run. Jeantel said the phone connection cut out when he started to run. Jeantel said she called him back and Martin picked up, saying he thought he lost the man following him.

Jeantel said a couple of seconds later, Martin said "oh s***, the n***** is behind me." Jeantel then said she heard Martin say "why are you following for?" then heard a hard breathing man, "what are you doing around here?"

She says she heard Martin's phone headset fall and then Martin say "Get off!"

Jeantel said she checked her phone and it showed the call with Martin ended at 7:16 p.m. De la Rionda asked Jeantel why she didn't attend Martin's funeral and Jeantel didn't go to the funeral because she "didn't want to see the body."

Jeantel, who wiped her eyes with a tissue on the stand, said she initially lied about not being able to go to the funeral because she was in the hospital because she "felt guilty ... I was the last person that talked to their son."

De la Rionda ended the state's questioning by asking Jeantel if she heard the screams in the background of the 911 calls. Jeantel said the screams on the tape "sounds like Trayvon's."

Defense attorney Don West cross-examined Jeantel on Wednesday asking how she met Martin. Jeantel said that she knew him in second grade and got reacquainted with him through friends in her neighborhood. She said she saw Martin a lot through the month of February 2012 before he went to Sanford.

Jeantel said she talked to Martin the whole day of the shooting and sometimes with other people on the phone. West showed her a list of 9 calls starting at 5:09 p.m. through 7:15 p.m. with start and end times between her and Martin.

West then asked her if she remembered what time she was talking to Martin while he was going to the 7-Eleven, asking why it took Martin 45 minutes to walk a mile from 7-Eleven to the neighborhood. He also asked if she had any idea how far Martin traveled and she said "no, I've never been there."

Jeantel said after she called back and got no answer that she "thought it was a fight" and "never thought it was that deadly serious."

West asked Jeantel why she never contacted law enforcement about being the last person to talk to Martin. Jeantel said she thought the case was closed and the shooter had already been arrested so she thought she wasn't a witness.

"Do you watch "The First 48"?  They call the first number the victim talked to," she told West, saying she thought police were supposed to contact her.

Jeantel said Tracy Martin contacted her after he realized she was the last person to speak to his son before the shooting.

West then asked if Jeantel lied about her age, saying she was 16 years old instead of 18 years old. Jeantel responded "yes." Jeantel said Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, contacted her and wanted to talk to Jeantel's mother about meeting up with Jeantel to talk about what happened the night Martin died. Jeantel's mother agreed for Jeantel to meet up with Fulton on March 19, 2012.

Jeantel said she didn't want to meet up with Fulton because she didn't want to see Fulton cry.

"You don't know how I felt," Jeantel told West about not going to Martin's funeral service. "Do you think I really want to go see his body after I just talked to him?"

West asked if Jeantel lied under oath to prosecutors about why she didn't go to the funeral, to which Jeantel said she did lie about going to the hospital on Martin's funeral. He then asked why she didn't meet the Martin family in person and did a phone interview instead.

West also asked if Jeantel knew about the phone interview being recorded and broadcasted by ABC and she said she wasn't aware of it. Jeantel said she knew Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump was recording it but didn't realize anyone else was recording it.