West asked Surdyka how Martin could be face down, as she said, yet be shot in the chest. Surdyka said she couldn't explain. West also asked if a teen could have a deeper voice than an adult, which Surdyka conceded.

West also questioned Surdyka on interviews with CNN and why she gave the interviews.

The state called its 10th witness, Jeannee Manalo, who also lived at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, after a short recess Wednesday morning.

Manalo said her husband saw Zimmerman bloodied after the shooting.

"I heard a howling sound ... Forgot about it ... Then I heard the yelling of 'help' .. sat down ... heard rumbling and strugglings," Manalo said.

Manalo said she saw one person on top moving his hands and hitting the person on the bottom. Manalo was about to tell de la Rionda which figure was bigger based on the news when the defense objected.

She said the bigger person was on top of the struggle and later thought it was Zimmerman after seeing him on TV.

During cross-examination, Zimmerman's attorney and former Local 6 legal analyst Mark O'Mara questioned Manalo about where she first heard the howling sound. 

Manalo said she first heard the howling sound farther away from her and closer to the "T" in the path to the right of her unit, then later heard the "help" sound. Her sound placement appears to help Zimmerman's claim that he was attacked just west of the "T" in the path, then the fight moved south.

O'Mara then showed Manalo the picture of Martin in the football uniform to compare size for her to conclude Zimmerman was on top in the fight.

Manalo continued to testify after lunch recess about how she had never seen most recent photos of Martin just before his death. She said she recalls saying Zimmerman was on top because of his size, but used an older picture depicting a younger Martin to make the identity.

De la Rionda asked Manola if the person on top was the person who got up after the fight, meaning Martin was on the bottom.

The state then called Ramona Rumph, deputy of Seminole County communications,  back to stand. She previously testified on Monday and Tuesday to authenticate previous calls to authorities from Zimmerman.

Five calls Zimmerman made reporting suspicious black males and one suspicious incident was played for the jury after the defense's objection was overruled. The state did not introduce a call where Zimmerman reported a white or Hispanic suspicious person.

On Tuesday, graphic pictures of Martin's body were shown to jurors, prompting Martin's father, Tracy Martin, to leave the courtroom.

[Pics: Warning, content may be graphic]

Zimmerman, 29, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense.

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