A gun created completely from a 3-D printer is seen firing in a video documented by Forbes. 

The gun was created by Defense Distrubuted, a nonprofit group created by a libertarian law student from Texas.

Cody Wilson started the nonprofit last August with the intent to create a working weapon that could be made on a 3-D printer. 

The weapon is dubbed "The Liberator," named for the pistols designed to be air-dropped by the Allies over France during its Nazi occupation in World War II.

Unlike its original steel predecessor, the 3-D printed gun is made completely of plastic, aside from one single firing pin, which is a common hardware store nail.

It was created inside an $8,000 second-hand Stratasys Dimension SST 3D printer, which  lays down threads of melted polymer that add up to precisely-shaped solid objects just as easily as a traditional printer lays ink on a page.

The digital images to create the device could be uploaded to the web and downloaded by anyone.

"You can print a lethal device. It’s kind of scary, but that’s what we’re aiming to show,” Wilson told Forbes. “Anywhere there’s a computer and an Internet connection, there would be the promise of a gun.”

On May 1, Wilson allowed the magazine to take pictures of the unproven device and a day later the weapon was tested at a location that he did not want revealed.

Read the entire article and view the video here.