DeLAND, Fla. -

A judge sentenced on Friday 37-year-old Michael Annicchiarico to life in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Mandy Ciehanoski in February of 2011.

The judge heard from several investigators on the case and from Mandy's mother, Debra who wrote a letter pleading for Annicchiarico to get life in prison.

"Your honor, this man has no remorse for anything that he did to my daughter. He doesn't care if we ever find her and I truly believe he never wants us to find her," said Debra Ciehanoski.

Three and a half years later, law enforcement agencies revisited the wooded area where Annicchiarico said he put the body after he told investigators he was willing to help them.

However, after days of searching with cadaver dogs, digging and removing debris by hand, her body was never found.

"He took a mother from my grandson, a sister from my son, an aunt from my granddaughter and a daughter from my husband," said Ciehanoski.

Annicchiarico, who is already a convicted felon, is not eligible for parole.