Walmart to honor 'Buy One Get One Free' deals

Store will match deals from Publix, Winn-Dixie and others

Published On: Oct 02 2013 08:12:21 AM EDT

In the battle for grocery shoppers' dollars in Florida, Walmart has made the latest move to steal business away from Publix and other competitors.

Walmart announced it will honor "Buy One Get One Free" deals from its competing stores, including Publix and Winn-Dixie. The new BOGO program will only be tested at Walmart's Florida locations.

While Walmart will match the deals from several stores, the mainWalmart to honor 'Buy One Get One Free' deals target for its new campaign is likely Publix, which highlights its BOGO deals in TV commercials and radio ads.

Walmart and Publix have traded jabs on Central Florida TVs, radios and billboards. Walmart has specifically targeted Publix in a TV campaign in which Publix customers compare their receipts after shopping at Walmart. Publix fired back at the big-box retailer with billboards claiming "Walmart doesn't always have the lowest price."

Walmart customers who wish to match BOGO deals simply have to ask for the deal at checkout. Customers won't need to bring another store's ad.