Jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial on Monday heard his first recorded Sanford police interview in which the former neighborhood watchman said, "These guys always get away,” referring to suspicious people in his neighborhood, including Trayvon Martin.

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Zimmerman, 29, is charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old Martin in a Sanford gated community.

Sanford Police Department lead investigator Chris Serino and Detective Doris Singleton testified on Monday as the state tried to show discrepancies in Zimmerman's accounts of what happened the night he shot and killed Martin.

The state called Serino to testify as the 24th witness. Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda asked Serino about any discrepancies with his interview with Zimmerman. Serino said Zimmerman claimed in his interview to have an associate's degree, but he discovered that wasn't true.

Zimmerman also didn't include the "homey" epitaph in his re-telling of Martin asking him if he had a problem. Zimmerman did tell Serino that Martin was going for Zimmerman's gun, Serino said.

"'He told me he was going to kill me,'" Serino said Zimmerman told him. Serino called Zimmerman's injuries as "minor" when asked by de la Rionda if they were major or minor.

The jury then saw portions of the video of Zimmerman reenacting the shooting scene the next day. Some clips were redacted based on legal determinations because of relevancy. The jury was able to hear, in Zimmerman's own words, what he says happened the night of the shooting and why he found Martin appearing to be "suspicious."

"That's what threw me off was its raining," Zimmerman said. "I can't understand why somebody would be just stopping in the rain."

Jurors also watched a 45-minute video interview Zimmerman gave to police after shooting. In the video, Serino asked, "had this person been white, would you feel the same way?" Zimmerman replied "yes."

Zimmerman is also seen on the video saying, "I prayed to God someone videotaped it."

"Did it ever occur to you to juts ask this person what he was doing out there?" Serino asked Zimmerman in the video.

"I didn't want to confront him," Zimmerman replied, adding that the person had his hand in his waist band. Serino said in the video that Martin was probably holding his fruit drink can.

In the video,  Zimmerman repeats that Martin asked him if he had a problem, to which Singleton said, "but you kind of did have a problem," noting that Zimmerman followed Martin.

Singleton is also seen in the video suggesting Martin might have found Zimmerman "creepy."

Zimmerman was also questioned about where he was when he was heard on the non-emergency 911 call saying "these a******* they always get away." He first said he was at the clubhouse when he said that but later claimed to have moved or been moving.

"I wasn't following him. I was going in same direction he was," Zimmerman said on the recording to Serino.

"That's following him," Serino said. Singleton added, "it sounds like you're running, too."

"You're concerned about walking past this guy when you've been chasing him, essentially?" Singleton asked Zimmerman.

In the audio recording from Feb. 29, 2012, Serino played the screams in the 911 call.

"I can't pinpoint where you were smothered," Serino said to Zimmerman. Singleton added, "sounds like continuous screaming."

After the recording played, de la Rionda asked if Zimmerman said "that doesn't even sound like me" when Serino played the screams in the 911 calls. Serino said Zimmerman did, in fact, say that.

Also in the interview, Serino told Zimmerman, "had you stayed in your car we probably wouldn't be be here right now."

Defense attorney and former Local 6 legal analyst Mark O'Mara cross-examined Serino. Serino agreed with O'Mara that witness John Good is the only eyewitness to the encounter before the gunshot.

O'Mara asked if Serino noticed significant differences in Zimmerman's first two statements.