Crews are making preparations for the opening of Central Florida's first Trader Joe's grocery store next Friday.

Diane Medina of Orlando says she is counting down the days until she can get her “two-buck Chuck” discount wine and specialty snacks at the store, on Orlando Avenue in Winter Park.

"Things are quality well priced. They have exactly what you want, including the vitamins,” she said.

Winter Park police will have three officers helping with crowd and traffic control.

The California-based chain has a loyal, almost fanatical following.

"I don't know if I’d drive across town but if I was in the neighborhood,” said Rex Cain, as he walked out of the Whole Foods 3 miles away on Aloma Avenue.

He thinks it's good that people have more options for healthy food.

"I'm happy here. I know I'm paying a little more but I think I'm eating healthy,” he said.

A new Whole Foods is set to open on Lee Road and 17-92 in the summer of 2015.