DeLAND, Fla. -

A Volusia County man has been arrested after deputies say he was burglarizing a home when he was caught by the homeowner, who followed him to a gas station calling 911.

Xavier Bahena has been charged with burglary and grand theft after deputies said Rubi Rodriguez witnessed him stealing TVs and jewelry and drive away.

Rodriguez followed the car to a nearby gas station and called authorities.

"The car is right here, it's taking 44 now," Rodriguez told the dispatcher.

Rodriguez watched as deputies arrived at the gas station and arrested Bahena, while another ran off. Deputies are still searching for that man.

"A lot of people say 'how could I do that?' Rodriguez said. "I don't know I just did it. After the cops got there I was shaking and crying. I got nervous at the end."

Deputies said Rodriguez did the right thing by keeping her distance and put herself in danger.