Workers use spikes on helmet to stop bird attacks

Video shows postal workers being attacked

Published On: Nov 22 2013 08:21:20 AM EST   Updated On: Nov 22 2013 08:24:27 AM EST
ASHBURY, New Zealand -

A group of postal workers are preparing for another angry birds attack. However, unlike the popular game, this is no laughing matter. 

In New Zealand, some workers have put spikes on their bike helmets to try and fend off angry magpies. According to TVNZ, the birds fly down and hit their heads. Magpies are known to be aggressive during nesting season. 

"I love my job," said Bev Chinn, "But as soon as I get up to the area I start panicking, because that is, where I know it's waiting for me."

An environmental group says it will only intervene if the birds are attacking other birds, not humans. When the postal workers presented the problem to the district council, they said it's a regional council issue to address.