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Cops: Man had sex with 13-year-old

Police say a Marion County man drove for hours to have sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Golf ball on rough


Golfer's 'stand your ground' denied

A Central Florida judge denies a "stand your ground" claim by a golfer accused of beating a man who claimed a golf ball had ...

Lyft launches ride share app

Orlando police to ticket 'Lyft' drivers

Getting a "Lyft" will soon be easier in Orlando when the popular ridesharing app begins Thursday in Orlando. But the moment these Lyft drivers roll through town in their signature pink mustaches, they may be targets for Orlando police.

School safety training exercise at Edgewater High School

Police train for active school shooter

A large exercise is held at an Orlando high school as police agencies train for potential incidents.

Arson fire

Meeting held over suspicious fires

Sanford city leaders held a meeting Wednesday night to answers residents' questions and to provide some relief after nine fires in the past month that are believed to be suspicious.

Tortoise video teen appears in court

Sex charge for tortoise torture suspect

Jennifer Greene, 18, who was arrested on animal abuse charges after a video appeared to show her and a younger girl torturing a tortoise, is now facing ...

7-30-14woman sex pavilion 5 30 kala

Woman, 68, jailed for public sex

A woman will serve six months behind bars after police say she was caught having sex in public at the pavilion ...

7-30-14 7 00 justin treasure hunt

Gold treasure recovered from shipwreck

A Sanford family has struck gold for the second time in the past year after finding a gold artifact within a Spanish shipwreck off the coast of Florida.


Cops: DUI driver had .342 BAC

A man is arrested in Central Florida on allegations of driving drunk -- more than four times the legal limit -- with his grandson in the backseat.


'Stand your ground' cited in fatal shooting

A Central Florida man accused of shooting and killing another man in the parking lot of a Walmart will not face any charges.


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