The high school coach of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow talked about the NFL star, taking blame for Tebow's throwing mechanics and discussing his faith.

"I see greatness in him. I saw it from the day I met him," said Craig Howard, the head coach at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Fla.

After playing defense his freshman year at Trinity Christian Academy, Tebow sought out Howard because he was determined to play quarterback.

"He came to me as a nose tackle. I took one look at him and I knew right away he'd be the greatest quarterback I'd ever coach," said Howard.

Together, coach and quarterback won a state title in 2005. Tebow scored 157 touchdowns in three seasons at Nease.

But some of his high school habits still exist in the pros.

"I'm also to blame for his throwing mechanics," said Howard.

Tebow's unorthodox throwing motion is where the passionate talk of the former Gators quarterback begins, but not where it ends.

Since Tebow took over as the starting quarterback for the Broncos, Denver is 7-2 with five come-from-behind victories in the 4th quarter or overtime. Only the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots have beaten the Broncos in that span.

He's also a big reason why CBS' and ESPN's ratings are up in the last two months as talking heads give their opinions on Tebow's impact.

"He doesn't care about his critics," said Howard. "He's so well grounded in his faith that he knows who his ultimate judge is so he's not going to worry about some sports writer or some sportscaster."

But Tebow does care about his family, teammates, fans and his faith, which he's proud to profess.

"Tim Tebow lives his faith, but he doesn't force it upon others," said Howard.

Tebow is also beloved in Central Florida after leading the Gators to two national championships and winning a Heisman trophy.

"People always want to have a guy like that have flaws. People across the country are saying this can't be right. Nobody can be this good, this perfect, this humble, [but] he is," said Howard.