It may send germophobes backstroking for the hills, but some of the world's greatest Olympic swimmers said they not only urinate regularly in pools during training, they pee in the water before races.

The Daily Telegraph reported that U.S. Olympian Michael Phelps confirmed what teammate Ryan Lochte said about professional swimmers "always" urinating in the pool.

"I think everybody pees in the pool. It's kind of a normal thing to do for swimmers. When we're in the water for 2 hours, we don't really get out to pee," Phelps said. "Chlorine kills it so it's not bad."

Lochte confessed in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that he urinated in pool waters while warming up for his Olympic races in London.

"I think there's just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go," Lochte said.

Neither one of the multiple gold medalists would go on the record to say that flooding the pools of the London Games with urine helped their Olympic performances. But you can't argue with results.

Lochte won the 400-meter individual medley in London, and Phelps swam to victory in the 200-meter event -- among other individual wins. Both swimmers were part of the U.S. team that won gold in the 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay.

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