Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson stood his ground on Thursday while comparing himself with Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman, claiming he's as good as it gets at the position in the NFL.

"I don't want to get in a debate as far as stats that he has and things like that," Peterson told KMVP-FM. "Obviously, his job is definitely much easier than mine. But if you look at their scheme and at our scheme, he's a Cover 3 corner. Period.

"A lot of guys say he's a shutdown corner. But if you look at film and guys who understand the game, go back and look at film and see how his defense is. I believe that if you put him in our system, I don't believe he'll be able to last, honestly. Because I actually do much more than he is (doing)."

Based on interceptions during the past three seasons, Sherman has a decided advantage with 20 compared with Peterson's 12. Peterson contends that Seattle's defensive schemes put Sherman in position for more picks.

"I guess that's what the fans -- and everything like that -- they see he's got tons and tons of interceptions," Peterson said. "And that's all fine and dandy, but he's only covering space. He's not really covering a guy.

"So at the end of the day, he has great stats. He has great playmaking ability -- not taking that away from him, because he is a good corner. But as far as being a shutdown corner, man-to-man guy, in my eyes, I don't believe he's that."

Petersen, a two-time All-Pro as a cornerback and punt returner, believes he is worth more than the $57.4 million extension, including $40 million guaranteed, that Sherman signed on May 12, making him the league's highest-paid defensive back. In terms of tackles, Peterson has the advantage with 151 solos to Sherman's 138.

Sherman responded later in the day on Twitter: "@PFF_Pete this kid gave up as many Tds this year as I have in my career. He wouldn't last in our system bcuz he gives up too many Tds"