REYKJAVIK, Iceland -

A volcano that's starting to erupt in Iceland could affect UCF's game against Penn State in Ireland.

The volcano has prompted authorities to raise the country's aviation alert to its highest level.

Iceland raised the alert level to red, indicating an eruption that could cause "significant emission of ash into the atmosphere." But no ash or steam has been detected yet.

UCF is scheduled to depart for Ireland on Tuesday for its Aug. 30 game. Athletics spokesman Andy Seeley said school officials are monitoring the situation.

"All my life, I've never worried about things I have no control over. I have no control over a volcano, electricity, hurricanes. I don't worry about 'em," said Head Coach George O'Leary. "We have alternative plans and if that occurs then that's something that occurs. It's something -- if you can't fly, you can't fly but right now, we're ready to hit somebody else and get to Ireland."

Authorities declared a no-fly zone of 100 nautical miles by 140 nautical miles around the eruption as a precaution, but did not shut the country's airspace.

When O'Leary was asked about what the alternative plans were and if the game could be played on the UCF campus if need be, O'Leary joked they would play the game in Iceland. He offered no other hint at the alternative plans.

The eruption has been detected under a glacier in a remote part of Iceland. Scientists flew over the ice cap today and saw no sign of the eruption on the surface of the glacier.

A volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 produced an ash cloud that caused a week of international aviation chaos, with more than 100,000 flights canceled.