You can best prepare for hurricane season after knowing the truth behind these top three myths.

The No. 1 misconception is that evacuations are issued based on the category of the hurricane. Instead, 95 percent of evacuations are issued based on flooding and storm surge because water is the top killer in storms. Hurricane categories are based on wind speed. 

The second myth is it costs thousands of dollars to make a home hurricane-resistant, when actually, it can cost much less. Rather than investing in hurricane shutters, 5/8-inch plywood with plenty of fasteners can work just as well. Bracing, for about $150, can secure your garage door. Also, engineers have found that glue and adhesive tape on your roof deck and frame will triple its resistance to wind.

The third myth is taping windows helps prevent damage. However, if your window blows out, the tape holding the glass together could make a more dangerous situation because the glass pieces are much larger. During Hurricane Charley, a person was killed by a large piece of glass bound by tape.

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