Florida deputy helps reunite lost dog with owner more than a year later

Social media helped with dog's identification

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – It's true that every dog has its day, even if it takes some extra time.

For Mace, that day came more than a year and a half after he went missing in DeBary. Now, he's on his way to being reunited with his owner thanks in part to a Volusia County deputy.

A man who was driving near East Highbanks Road and Eldorado Drive in DeBary around 10 p.m. Sunday spotted the tan-and-white boy roaming near the street so he pulled over to check on the canine and the pup instantly hopped in his car.

Since the good Samaritan was on his way to work, he decided to drop the lost dog off at the Sheriff's Office in DeBary, where Deputy Lindsey Matusick began her mission to find the pet's home.

She posted pictures of the pup to a Facebook community page and users immediately began leaving comments identifying the dog as Mace and saying he was reported missing on Feb. 28, 2018.

Others chimed in saying that Mace's owner put up flyers but never found her dog, even after recent sightings in the DeBary area.

Matusick was able to contact Mace's owner, who provided pictures she had of the same dog. The owner, who is out of town due to a family emergency, sent a friend in her place to retrieve Mace until she returns home to greet her lost dog.

Officials from the Sheriff's Office were grateful to all those who assisted in making the reunion possible.

"Thanks to Deputy Matusick and everyone who helped keep Mace safe and return him to his rightful owner. Our deputies enjoyed his company for the night," they wrote in a Facebook post.

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