Florida officers rescue drenched kittens after Hurricane Dorian

Cats were not injured during storm

Two Daytona Beach Police officers rescued two kittens that were stranded after Hurricane Dorian.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – While most of Florida's residents were spared from the wrath of Hurricane Dorian, not all the animals fared so well.

Since the storm passed by the east coast, we've seen stories of a puppy saved from a partially flooded vehicle, disturbed sea turtle nests and now the rescue of two tiny kittens that likely weathered the storm in an unlikely place.

The Daytona Beach Police Department on Thursday posted video of two of its officers scooping up two lone kittens that were left without a mother.

The video, recorded Wednesday around 7 p.m., starts with a resident directing officers to the stranded animals that were stuck between a wooden fence and a chain-link fence.

You can hear the pair of fur babies meowing incessantly as Officers James Bissa and Russell Gibbons move the wooden planks and pull one kitten, then the other to safety.

"Dorian and Dorian two," the resident joked.

Officers said the woman kept the uninjured kittens. The mother cat was not found.

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