Lake County horse rescue raises funds for seemingly neglected mare

Horse has badly infected leg, fractured teeth


LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – DreamCatcher Horse Rescue in Lake County is working to help what they've deemed an abused and neglected horse.

The rescue got a call Tuesday about a mare with a leg injury. Rescue organizers said the call didn't sound urgent, and learned the injury had been around for more than a week. According to the rescue, the caller said they could not afford a vet for the horse.

DreamCatcher staff met with the horse's owner Wednesday and asked them by state law to make sure a vet sees the animal. The rescue was later contacted to pick up the horse and did so under the supervision of Lake County Sheriff's Office deputies.

DreamCatcher Rescue staff says they found the horse in deplorable conditions, stating the property was not suitable for any animal. They described the horse's injuries as an infection on both hind legs, the horse's left leg exposing its bone.

Rescue staff says since the infection is more than a week old, it smells like "rotting flesh," according to a Facebook post. The rescue says the horse was not treated nor did she receive any medication.

"Amazingly she is completely weight bearing on the leg and walks pretty well," a DreamCatcher Rescue Facebook post reads.

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UPDATE- 9/25 TWO WEEK UPDATE https://www.facebook.com/178931906622/posts/10156654430151623?sfns=mo ———————————- UPDATE-...

Posted by DreamCatcher Horse Rescue on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

DreamCatcher Rescue treated the horse with antibiotics and pain medication. Upon feeding the horse her first meal at the rescue, "she ate like she's never seen food before," according to the Facebook post.

After properly inspecting the horse, the rescue learned she has many fractured teeth and a severe heart murmur. The rescue believes the wound is more than a month old.

They hope to get rid of the dead tissue and treat the injuries with the help of a team of vets. The vets believe the mare has a good chance of healing but the horse is still at risk of being euthanized.

DreamCatcher Rescue is raising funds to help with medical care costs. It's also taking suggestions to name the horse. You can chime in or donate on the rescue's Facebook page.

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