Rockledge police investigate if 15-year-old was jumped by classmates

Rockledge mother seeks justice, police say not enough evidence

ROCKLEDGE, Fla. – A mother said her 15-year-old son was severely beaten this month when he was jumped by three of his Rockledge classmates who he thought he was meeting up with to play video games.

Sally Quirk said her son Sebastian suffered a concussion, nearly lost his teeth and has missed most of school since the Sept. 9 incident.

"He was covered in blood, bleeding from the mouth, bleeding from the ears," Quirk said.

She said the boys agreed to meet at the Rockledge Christian Center on Fiske Boulevard and her son rode a bicycle there.

"One of the boys attacked him from the back," Quirk said. "I'm assuming he got knocked out and messed his face up."

Quirk said her son has had headaches ever since the incident.

The mother wants the boys to face charges, but Rockledge police said investigators don't have a good case.

"If there's anymore evidence to come forward, we welcome it. And at this point, there is none," Deputy Chief Donna Seyferth said.

Police said Sebastian only identified one of the boys and when that boy was interviewed, he not only denied beating up Sebastian, but said he never even came to the Rockledge Christian Center that night.
Sebastian's mom thinks the boy is lying.

"I don't think anybody deserves to get jumped," Quirk said. "We can't do it as an adult. It shouldn't be OK to do as a juvenile. We shouldn't brush it under the table."

While he's in and out of the doctor's office and dentist appointments, Quirk said her son is receiving his homework through email.

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