The Weekly Newsletter: Deborah Barra talks race for state attorney

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Below is a list of big stories from this past week, as well as a recap of this week's interview on "The Weekly." 

Aramis Ayala's second in command talks Orange-Osceola County State Attorney race

While the 2020 presidential election takes up a lot attention, there are some local races in Central Florida that are being closely watched. One of them is the State Attorney in Florida's 9th Judicial Circuit in Orlando. Deborah Barra spoke with News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth on why she's looking to replace departing State Attorney, Aramis Ayala. Barra, who is Ayala's chief assistant state attorney, said having a relationship with the community is the key to winning the race and succeeding on the job. 

6-year-olds arrested at school, Orlando police officer fired

Ever since news surfaced of a school resource officer arresting two students at an Orlando charter school, there have been several developments to the story that has gained national attention. A grandmother of one of the arrested students spoke with News 6 about the incident and the Orlando Police Department's response. 

Florida woman escapes camel by biting down on testicles

According to deputies in Louisiana, Gloria Lancaster had crawled into the camel's enclosure to retrieve a pet. When the 600-pound camel sat on her, she did what she could to escape. 

Kindness, conversation and prayer go viral

During a visit at a DeLand Zaxby's, Stetson University senior Juan O'Neal asked if he could pray for Volusia County Sgt. Cameron Tucker's protection. It was Tucker's wife who thought the moment needed to be seen by others on social media. To see what Tucker had to say about the gesture and the viral photo, click here

Vegan travelers to have more options at Disney parks

Meatless options are showing up on more fast food menus these days, and now more plant-based food dishes will be available for Disney guests' dining plans. To read about the options and what to look for, click here. To check out the location of great vegan and vegetarian spots in Central Florida, click here. 

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