If impeached, Demings would seek Trump's removal from office

Rep. Val Demings: 'This is the hand that we have been dealt'

ORLANDO, Fla. – As President Donald Trump appeared at an invitation-only event in The Villages on Thursday, Rep. Val Demings was watching.

Demings is a Democrat representing the Orlando area in the U.S. House of Representatives, and she sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

The committee has launched a presidential impeachment inquiry.

In The Villages, President Trump took jabs at Democrats who were probing whether he asked the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

 "And that's why they do the impeachment crap, because they know they can't beat us fairly," Trump said. "That's the only reason they're doing it. They can't win. They can't win. (If) they won it would be a sad day for our country. It'll be a sad, sad day for our country if they ever won."

Demings watched the speech from her office in Orlando, which is 51 miles away from The Villages.

"I did not go to Congress to be involved in an impeachment inquiry of the president of the United States, but this is the hand that we have been dealt," Demings told News 6.

Demings echoed comments made Wednesday by committee Chairman Adam Schiff, saying any interference by the administration would be met with obstruction charges.

"We’re not messing around here. This is serious business," she said. "We will not tolerate the stonewalling that we have seen from this administration in the past."

Demings said her committee was issuing subpoenas, interviewing witnesses and gathering documents for the investigation.

In the end, she said she was willing to answer a very tough question.

"If the president is impeached, then he should be removed from office," she said.

Demings said she returns to Washington, D.C., on Friday.

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