History of Black History Month

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The History of Black History Month

  • The Origin of Black History Month?
    • Carter G. Woodson, born December 19, 1875, founded Negro History Week (which later became Black History Month) in 1926. The goal of the celebration was to create and popularize knowledge about the black past.
  • There are other countries that celebrate Black History Month?
    • Canada celebrates Black History Month in February along with America. The United Kingdom also celebrates Black History Month, but in October.
  • Why Black History Month in February
    • The month of February was chosen due to the fact that it was the same month as Abraham Lincoln birth and Frederick Douglass death , who both were instrumental in instating the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery.
  • Black History Month is themed
    • This year's theme is "The Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act". Past themes have included "The History of Black Economic Empowerment" and "From Slavery to Freedom: Africans in the Americas."


Other Black History

  • There was a female African American¬† Buffalo Soldier
    • Cathay Williams was the one and only female Buffalo Soldier, posing as a man named William Cathay to enlist in the 38th infantry in 1866. She served for two years before a doctor discovered that she was a woman, leading to her discharge.
  • Geography
    • Allensworth is the first all-black Californian township, founded and financed by African Americans. Created by Lieutenant Colonel Allen Allensworth in 1908, the town was built with the intention of establishing a self-sufficient city where African Americans could live their lives free of racial prejudice.
  • Innovation
    • Scientist and mathematician Benjamin Banneker is credited with helping to design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.
  • Music
    • Ella Fitzgerald, known for having a remarkable three-octave range, got her start at the Apollo Theater.

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