The Affordable Health Care Act – The American Dream Has Come True … or Has It?

Igniting contempt in Congress like never before


By Richard S. Bernstein
Special to THELAW.TV

The controversy surrounding the Affordable Health Care Act
is almost unprecedented in modern times. This one bill has ignited contempt in Congress like no other. There is so much confusion and partisanship that, as of today, our Government is shut down; a metaphorical CLOSED sign dangles from Capitol Hill, as if it was a retail store where the employees had gone home for the night.

The first person to sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act should be the President as he stands with pride. Next should be Congress, then the Supreme Court justices, following by organized labor and the American people. As the bill becomes the law of the land, it should be recognized as a great accomplishment and embraced by all.

Everyone should be treated the same. There should be no difference. The purpose of this bill was to provide healthcare for every American. Exceptions should not be given to a select group like the Supreme Court, Congress, the President, big labor, or big business. All of us should covered be under this one bill.

This bill was deemed to be the "law of the land."  Unfortunately, exceptions are being made as to who should be covered under the bill. The President, while running for office, promised to reduce the costs of healthcare by $2500 per person. Now, the cost is much higher. The bill is charging more for the spouse, which wasn't the case before. The costs are going up, not down, as was promised by the President.

The way you can help is through your iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. Message your local and federal politicians to let them know that believe every American should be treated equally. Exceptions for certain groups of Americans are unacceptable. We should ask why some think its okay to create, lobby for, and enforce a bill that they aren't subject to themselves.

There are many unknowns with the program. As of today, the insurance companies cannot finalize their rates because the information being provided to them by the government is vague, incomplete, and ever changing, so the pricing is impossible for the companies to convey to the public.

We have to ask why is the government making us wait for the rates? Why are they holding on to information? Why aren't they telling Americans there is going to be a cost increase to us? We might ask why are we getting a rate increase? Are the government employees getting the same insurance and also getting a rate increase? No, they are not. How is it right for us to be burdened to pay taxes for a better plan for a select group and carry the burden to coverage our own plan?

We are not against the healthcare bill, but there are problems with it and you should know what they are.

We're not saying that we should ignore the 30 percent of America that has no healthcare. We are just saying that government employees should have the same plan. As Americans, we should all be offered the same plans, at the same cost, with the same rewards and burdens as are government employees. That means when the wife of a Congressman, or even the First Lady, takes their child to the doctor's office, they too are in the same boat as the rest of America. Fair is fair, no exceptions should be made.

The author, Richard S. Bernstein of Richard S. Bernstein & Associates, creates advanced estate planning tools that have helped individuals, families, and businesses protect their wealth and plan for retirement.