Edgewater bans 'sign spinners' over safety concerns

Business owners claim city officials are 'picking on' small businesses

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

EDGEWATER, Fla. - A new ordinance bans so-called "sign spinners" in the city of Edgewater and even though the ordinance is not yet being enforced local business owners say it could hurt them and their employees.

Amanda Eissler owns Lucky Gold Buyers and she says her mascot along US 1 draws in about 75 percent of her business.  Anthony Timothy is the man inside the leprechaun suit.

"The only money I got is working here I live week to week on the same paycheck and that's what It goes for rent, food and just to keep alive," said Timothy.

Eissler says she's also upset that business owners weren't notified prior to the August 20 meeting where the ordinance was approved. Fire Marshal Jeff Lariscy says all meetings are a matter of public record and the law was changed based upon citizen complaints that the signs are a dangerous distraction.

"This has been open to the public the whole time business owners were contacted about the city having a vision to really clean up the aesthetics of the city of Edgewater," said Lariscy.

Shirley Boyce owns Boyce Plaza, where Lucky Gold Buyers is located. She says her property is the only in the city using sign spinners, and she is taking it personally.

"This is what we need support from the community, not running us away because without us, you're not going to have a city," Boyce said. "You're not going to have any corridor to worry about."

Eissler said she plans to appeal the ordinance. Lariscy tells Local 6 a specific time frame for when the ordinance will be enforced has not yet been determined.

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