Flex time: Say goodbye to the 9 to 5 workday

More companies are offering flexible schedules

By Matt Austin - Anchor , Paul Giorgio - Producer

ORLANDO, Fla. - As the saying goes, "live to work, work to live." We know we have to work to support our life, but does work have to be our life?

As it turns out, more and more companies are saying there's room for compromise.

Recent statistics show 77 percent of employers now offer "flex-time." That's way up from 66 percent just a few years ago.

One such company - Rowshambow. The app designer set up shop in Downtown Orlando last year and adopted a work environment designed to enhance employee creativity. 

The workspace at Rowshambow includes an open floor plan, a coffee bar across the hall and the ability to come and go on your own schedule. Company CEO Philip Holt says they don't even keep track of vacation time. 

"It's really designed to be an awesome benefit to employees but frankly when people are focused on how many hours have accrued and they've hit some cap on accrued hours it changes people's focus from the work they want to do," Holt said. "People take vacation when they need it." 

Holt says he couldn't imagine running his company without offering flex time.

"We all have families and stuff going on in our lives outside work," he said. "Just having the flexibility to drop in on a school play or going to the doctor or whatever is a great benefit."

Other flex options are becoming more popular, like flex place. Choosing where you work is now an option for 63 percent of employees. That's almost twice the amount as a few years ago. 

Anne Meehan, assistant director of career services at Rollins College, says there are a few things you can do to work flex time or flex place into your work schedule.

She says craft a proposal for your employer.

"Look at specific hours that will work, set a schedule," Meehan said, commenting that communication is key. "List the projects that you will be completing so it's really clear to your employer."

She also suggests working with a schedule that benefits both you and your employer, making it an easier sell.

Start out on a trial basis, with regular evaluations.

Holt says this is a trend that is sure to increase as younger people enter the workplace. A younger workforce accustomed to completing schoolwork and other tasks from home. 

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