A push in the right direction

Mark McEwen hosts 'Positive Mark' on Local 6 in Orlando

Mark McEwen with Willie Nelson.
Mark McEwen with Willie Nelson.

Even when you give up, there will always be someone there to push you!

Clem Taylor was a producer extraordinaire at CBS News and this is the story:

I was brand new and green and we went off to Nashville to interview Willie Nelson at the Grand Ole Opry House, where they held the Country Music Awards. When we arrived, Willie was on stage and left to go to his tour bus out back.

Clem told me to go down from where we were in the seats to his bus to get the interview.

The tour manager intercepted me and when I told her what I wanted she said, "No.  N-O. Absolutely not." 

I went back defeated to Clem and told him what had happened and how I guessed that was the way it was.

He said, "WHAT?!  You're from CBS News, you get your tush (I cleaned it up) down there and get that interview!"

I thought, "Boy, he sure is mean!"

 I went back to the bus, dodging the tour manager on the way.

When Willie stepped off the bus, I said,"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain and Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground (his songs) are two of my favorite songs.  Can I talk to you?"

He looked at me and replied, "My time is your time."

With the influence of that producer, Clem Taylor, I got the interview.

And that's how I met Willie Nelson.