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Mark McEwen was the keynote speaker for 800 people at the Go Red for Women Conference in Alaska.

I just got back from Fairbanks. As in Alaska. The high temperature one day I was there was minus-11 degrees. That's cold. Why was I there? February is American Heart Month and I was the keynote speaker for 800 people at their Go Red for Women Conference (see picture below). The topic was heart disease and how if affects women and being a stroke survivor; I speak around the country to help spread awareness.

Back to the cold.

Here in Orlando, if it gets below 50 degrees, out come the gloves, hats and coats. I mention this because we're lucky to live in Central Florida. I moved here from New York and I had to get used to swimming on Christmas Day. At first. I'm used to it now, and I don't miss the snow and the polar vortex (there's a phrase I never heard before this year). Our winters are divine. Of course Orlando in August? My line is, "You don't know hot."

On to TV.

We live in a different time. There are all kinds of outlets dedicated to bad news that you would think that's all there is out there. I beg to differ. My whole career I've had people ask me why there is so much of it and not enough good news. Well, with "Positive Mark" we plan to help change that. I've filmed a bunch of episodes and I've been moved by the stories I've heard and the people I've met. And the range is a wide one.

It includes Building Homes for Heroes, which helps wounded service veterans to have a mortgage-free home when they return from Afghanistan and Iraq. Army Specialist BJ Jackson lost both his legs in Iraq and has six small kids, but his situation hasn't stopped him from going forward. He's a hero you don't know but will. These are the kinds of stories I want to highlight. Stories that make you smile and people who help you know there is good in this world.

Oh, the places you will go and the people you will meet. All right here in Central Florida.

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