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Let me set the scene..

When I was a kid, I lived in Berlin, Germany.  My dad was an officer in the Air Force and there was no television.  There WAS television, we just didn't have one.  Reading -- anything and everything -- was encouraged by my parents.

So we did.

I took to books like a duck to water.  I found out you could be in the heat of July yet shivering while reading "White Fang" (by Jack London), set in the frozen Yukon.  I was 10 years old and read anything I could get my hands on: newspapers, magazines, even Mad Magazine (remember that?).   I was insatiable and that love for reading is still with me.

Now cut to today, I'M now the dad and my kids would rather play video games and watch YouTube, for hours than read. I'll repeat that. YouTube and video games for hours.  If you let them, they wouldn't even leave the house.

So now, I question, is there any help out there for us parents? How do we teach our kids the power of reading?

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