What makes Mark McEwen smile?

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I love my wife.  She makes me laugh and smile.  Still. I've been laughing at her voices for years.  She does this great man's voice that doesn't sound like a man at all. I'll call her up on her cell and sometimes that's the voice I hear back.  I know it's her.  SHE knows I know it's her, but the charade continues. She's funny.  And I laugh.

I love my kids.  I didn't feel the need to swim upstream and be a father UNTIL I was one. Being a dad is a hoot. I know waay too much about Thomas the Train.  I also know waay too much about all the bodily functions.  As only 10 year olds can tell you.   It's also hard work.  Teaching kids to brush their teeth?  I never imagined these words would pass my lips, "Let me smell your breath." And I do.

"Clean up your room."  I sound like my dad. Like most parents I apologize to MY parents as often as I can. You don't understand about having children until you have them yourself.  Kid movies make me smile and believe you me I've been to just about every one of them.  The people that make them learned that if you put adult jokes in them you accomplish two things ... parents love them and those jokes go right over the heads of the little ones.  Cool.

My dog, Lola, makes me smile.  There are cat people and there are dog people.  I grew up with a dog. Going to the park with Lola thinking she'll come back when you call her and she doesn't?  Not too funny. I'm the only guy in the park screaming his fool head off to a dog that has her own agenda. But I still love her.

The fact that dogs are little people in fur coats has nothing to do with it.

I like warmth over cold.  Living here makes me smile. I don't miss northern winters.  I don't miss shoveling driveways.  I don't miss gloves and down coats.  And watching blizzards on TV? Priceless.

I love my parents.  I had the smartest parents. I always say my dad tried to be funny and is.  My mom didn't try to be funny and was. The dinner table was like a comedy stage with one-liners going from us six kids to the mom and dad and back. Great parents.

I smile every time I think of them.

And did I mention I love the Yankees?

Jeter is my guy.

Just saying...

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