Carnival Cruise Lines employs 'pool chair police'

Passengers will have 40 minutes to leave seat unattended

Carnival announced it is testing a new policy to stop passengers from saving pool deck seats for more than 40 minutes.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Carnival announced this week it will soon begin testing a new policy that will stop people from saving seats on pool decks.

Senior Cruise Director John Heald announced on his Facebook page the company has staffed the Carnival Breeze with workers who will police empty seats being "saved" with things like towels, books, shirts or shoes.

[PHOTOS: Seat-saving enforcement on Carnival Breeze]

Workers will enforce the new rule by putting a sticker on a "saved" chair with the current time. If a passenger does not return within 40 minutes, staff will remove the items on the chair and take them to the nearest towel station or lost and found.

Heald says Carnival will make any necessary adjustments following the test period on the Breeze and eventually enforce the rule on all of the company's ships.

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