Upgrading to the new iPhone? Sell your old one

Tips for getting the best price for used phone


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Apple is scheduled to introduce the new iPhone 6 later Tuesday. Are you planning on upgrading to the latest technology?

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If so, don't just throw your old phone in a drawer.

Businesses are offering cash on the spot for your outdated electronics.

Cell Again, a used cellphone broker in Altamonte Springs, is expecting big business as soon as Apple's latest is offered for sale.

Bill Hendrix says in the past customers have lined up in his store hours after the they bought the new model.

"People will literally walk in, stumble over the curb, almost go through the glass, because they're playing with their new phone."  Hendrix said, "They say, 'I want to sell you my phone' while they're still playing with their new one. It happens all the time."

Hendrix says if you're thinking of selling, there are a few things you need to know.

Here's a general guide for getting the most money for your old technology:

Hendrix says condition and carrier are the two biggest factors when dealing in used cellphones.

"If it's cracked, it's going to decrease the value; if its all scratched up, it's going to decrease the value," he says.

Phones using AT&T or T-Mobile service have the highest resale value. 

"That's what people want, because of the versatility," he says. "They can be unlocked and they can be taken to any carrier."

Other providers don't offer that option.

Hendrix says when you bring your phone in, clean it up and fully charge the battery.

Remove the phone from your account and bring a copy of your bill to prove that nothing is owed on the account.

For security, perform a factory reset. Remember to remove the SD and SIM card on Samsung phones. 

Hendrix says do your research. Get quotes from several other businesses to get an idea what your phone is worth. He cautions about using online services though.

"I've never known one person, ever, to send in a phone to an online store and get what it actually was quoted."

He says regardless of your phone's value, you should never just throw it in the trash. Cell Again as well as most cellphone dealers, offer free recycling. 

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