Gas prices expected to climb 70 cents per gallon

AAA says increase due to refineries slowdown during spring

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gas prices remained steady in Central Florida last week, but experts say there's about to be a big change.

Auto club AAA is predicting gas prices to rise as much as 70 cents per gallon this spring.

AAA said the climb would be in line with a trend over the last five years.

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Refineries switch to more expensive blends of gas during the spring. The change causes a decrease in output, resulting in more demand.

Royshada Singletary, who commutes from Orlando to Altamonte Springs every day, said the increase will hurt her budget.

"If they raise it up, that's like $3, that's too much for gas," she said. "I put like $5 in the tank and I'm good, but I can't put like $5 if it's $3 a gallon."


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