Inventors unveil 3D pen

'3Doodler' expected on store shelves by Christmas

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Two Massachusetts men have created a pen capable of writing in 3D.

The "3Doodler" received more than $2 million on the web site Kickstarter, allowing them to begin production and sell the 3D pen in stores by Christmas.

The co-creators only asked the public for $30,000.

[WATCH: 3Doodler demo]

The 3Doodler allows writers and artists to draw objects in three dimensions. The pen -- which looks like a bulky marker -- dispenses melted plastic and instantly cools it to help it thicken and take shape.

"This is a pen that actually draws the object, not just a picture of the object," said co-creator Peter Dilworth. "It's effectively a way for people to communicate 3D ideas to each other."

Since the inventors received more than 65 times the amount of funding they asked for, they anticipate they'll be able to sell the 3Doodler at stores across the nation by December.

"The fact that there is no software and the low price, it really opens it up for everyone to experience this," said co-creator Maxwell Bogue.

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