Kill annoying mosquitoes without chemicals with this LED lamp

Attract and trap mosquitos with this effective LED lamp
Attract and trap mosquitos with this effective LED lamp (Kinkoo)

A night out on the patio is great—until the mosquitoes show up. With increases in mosquito-borne diseases over recent years, folks are looking for better and safer ways to get rid of these pests and enjoy some time out in their yard. For an efficient and non-toxic way to eliminate the little bloodsuckers, the Moskiller Mosquito Killer Lamp is on the market and on sale now for $29.95, a savings of 25%

To catch a mosquito, you have to think like a mosquito. The Moskiller combines two of mosquitoes’ favorite things—heat and light—to lure them in. With five LED light waves and a bionic temperature setting, the lamp mimics conditions that mosquitos are interested in.

Once they are within range, there’s no need for harsh chemicals to eliminate these dangerous pests. Instead, the lamp creates a vortex. The bugs get sucked into a chamber where they are trapped and eliminated by air-drying. After a night on the patio, you can empty the chamber.

You can plug it in outside wherever you need, thanks to the multi-functional USB power port. Use with an adapter or charge off of a computer or backup battery. Despite the powerful vortex that traps bugs, the Moskiller operates at a low noise level. This makes it ideal even for indoor spaces, such as a bedroom prone to unwanted nighttime visitors.

Reviewer, Jennifer S., rated the Moskiller 4/5 stars, noting that it appears to be working as intended as, “...we’ve seen dead mosquitoes after using it.” Users benefit from not needing to use harmful chemical repellents on their skin or yards, making an environment safe for pets and kids.

Make your backyard just a little more inviting for humans—not mosquitoes—this summer when you upgrade your pest control system to include the Moskiller Mosquito Killer Lamp. This usually $39 device is 25% off right now, meaning you can enjoy your patio even more for just $29.95.

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