Treat your feet with this foldable massager on sale now

Relieve aches and pains with this 2-in-1 foot massager and muscle simulator
Relieve aches and pains with this 2-in-1 foot massager and muscle simulator (Physiotherapy)

If social distancing has kept you away from pedicures and massages this year, your tootsies might be feeling it by now. There’s only so much you can do at home to help improve some of your foot and leg pain. However, when you add in a sophisticated tool like the Physiotherapy Foot Massage & Muscle Simulator, you’ll find a way to treat your pain and discomfort at home. And now, you can do it for 25% less because the massager is on sale for $29.99.

Settle in with the footpad for low-frequency physiotherapy that addresses swelling. Over the 25 minutes of treatment, cycle through 10 intensity modes and 6 vibration modes to get the right level of pressure for you. Massage settings are designed to hit acupuncture points. These settings are best used for both tired and sore muscles.

Adjust the settings without getting up, thanks to the remote control. Don’t worry about falling asleep because you’re so relaxed—there’s an automatic timer that shuts off when you reach the end of the course.

The massager is built to be safe and portable. With a folding, lightweight design, bring the massager wherever you want to sit for your relaxing treatment. At just 3″H x 9″L x 6″W, it’s easy to store as well. It’s topped with a soft foam material (think yoga mat) that is both comfortable and easy to clean.

Foot pain is shockingly common. Older adults in one study experienced foot pain at a rate of 1 in 5 people, while middle-aged to younger adults experienced it at the rate of 1 in 10 people. Join others in seeking at-home pain relief for their foot issues with this massager.

Get easy, on-the-go massage and physiotherapy treatment at home when you get the Physiotherapy Foot Massage & Muscle Simulator. It’s difficult to live with foot and leg pain, so act quickly to take advantage of this 25% savings offer. This typically $39 massager is available now for $29.99—get relief when you save today.

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