Master today’s most relevant math skills with this $30 training

Get a leg up on your career by mastering math
Get a leg up on your career by mastering math (Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels)

There’s a high demand for workers who understand the science that powers business data and new technology. With virtual assistants on our phones and self-driving cars on the road, we’re clearly moving toward an AI-powered future. Those with a strong enough mathematical foundation can put their skills to work writing programs and algorithms for such innovations as AI and machine learning. The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle is designed with the beginner in mind, giving you the skills required to further your knowledge, prepare you for other courses, and boost your resume.

The importance of data science is constantly increasing for companies, which makes the ability to understand complex math topics so sought-after by hiring managers. In this masterclass, you’ll learn about foundational concepts using the R programming language, a language developed specifically for improved statistics, data analytics, and graphical modules. You’ll have the capability to understand the math behind important decisions that affect you.

The 10 courses contain nearly 700 lessons that cover the most essential topics that touch every math and science student at some point in their education. You’ll explore linear algebra, multivariate calculus, and probability theory, and emerge ready to put these algorithms to use in your own AI projects. Discover the combinatorics of discrete mathematics. Equip yourself with the art of applied machine learning using MATLAB, and have a variety of commonly used data preprocessing techniques at your fingertips. You will also master number base conversion and graph theory, along with the study of patterns, relationships, and properties of numbers. Finally, you’ll review boolean logic to understand quantum computing concepts.

The courses are taught by such instructors as Miran Fattah, who holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Geophysics from the University of Oklahoma. He has tutored tens of thousands of college students all over the world. A believer in visual learning, his aim is to deliver concepts in an easy and direct way to speed up the learning process.

With 24/7 lifetime access, you’ll always be a click or tap away from the 96 hours of content. The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle earned an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from hundreds of students, so you can trust the level of instruction. Get started today for only $29.99, a remarkable $3 per course.

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