Ditch the plastic storage bags. The ZipBag is reusable and keeps food fresh longer

Say goodbye to one-time-use plastic bags with ZipBag.
Say goodbye to one-time-use plastic bags with ZipBag. (Two Pillars)

There’s nothing worse than opening up your fridge and noticing that something has leaked all over it. It’s usually something orange or red that was carefully placed in a plastic storage bag, sealed and then pushed into the back corner where it was left to fend for itself. Yuck.

If you’re tired of wasting money on storage bags that leak and don’t keep foods fresh, it’s time to trade those nasty plastic bags in for something environmentally friendly and dependable. ZipBag replaces plastic containers and bags that take up much-needed storage space in your cabinets and fridge, letting you store more food while keeping it eco-friendly and organized.

The ZipBag is packed with features, but what stands out most is that it’s made with 100% platinum silicone. This means that it will last a long time, maybe even long enough for your grandkids to use it. It features a secure zipper closure that will keep your food fresher longer, and it also has a temperature control pack so that you can keep warm food warm and cold food cold.

Do you ever dread opening containers in your fridge that have leftovers in them? You can skip that step with the Zipbag, which sports a day-of-the-week dial so you can keep track of when you put food in the fridge or what date it needs to be consumed. This all-in-one container set is also easy to clean and can be safely placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

The ZipBag was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and has been featured in Good Housekeeping, ABC, HouseBeautiful, BuzzFeed, and Mashable.

If you’re ready to ditch plastic bags and bulky storage containers, grab the ZipBag: All-in-One Container Set for only $36.99. That’s 17% off the regular price of $44.

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