This custom wine club will send you 4 bottles for just $30

Get wines based on your taste preferences with Winc. (Winc)

It’s warm out. Soak it up with some wine. Share a rosé at a picnic with friends, serve a crisp white at your backyard barbecue and bring a bottle of red to the next late-night dinner party. However, shopping for wine can be challenging. Even if you know a fair amount about wine or read the labels at the store, it can feel like you just choose the cutest label or a random bottle in your price range.

Change how you buy and drink wine with a subscription catered to your tastes. The Spring BYO Pack from Winc considers your preferences to send you wine for your specific palette. This wine club lets you build your own box of four wines for just $29.95.

Find the perfect selection of wines with the Spring BYO Pack. Winc supports winemakers who use minimal-intervention methods and sustainable farming techniques. You’ll be able to taste the difference in the brightness and depth of flavor of these wines.

To join, all you need to do is take a 6-question quiz to assess your tastes. Then, select four wines to your liking, and Winc will hand-deliver to your doorstep. Customize your membership by choosing your own bottles, skipping a month anytime, free of charge and getting a replacement if you ever don’t like a wine.

Winc has a reputation as a convenient and high-quality wine subscription service. Business Insider called it “The best wine club overall — fantastic wine selection, reasonable price, and fast delivery.” A review in BuzzFeed noted that “The whole process takes about 10 minutes, and magically, a shipment of wine is on its way.”

Impress your friends with your newfound sommelier-level wine rack and delight your taste buds with a variety of new wines. Sign up to have four bottles of delicious wine delivered to your door with the $29.95 Spring BYO Pack from Winc.

Prices subject to change.