A must-have tool for all writers, get Scrivener for $30 until April 3rd

A must-have tool for all writers, get Scrivener for $30 until April 3rd (via StackCommerce)

Oh the woes of writing! Once you get past the barriers of putting pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, including perhaps coming up with original ideas, overcoming imposter syndrome, putting yourself out there, and writer’s block, getting everything organized can feel overwhelming. Scrivener is just the tool you need to help you through that.

At its core, Scrivener is a word-processing program that can be used to outline your work. It stores your documents, notes, concepts, and research, so that you can do all your brainstorming and writing without ever leaving the program. You can write as the ideas come to you, work in smaller sections, and reorder them later if you want to adjust the flow. It features a myriad of organizational tools together with outlining and storyboarding views, so that you can keep everything organized and just write. You can break your project into multiple documents to avoid endless scrolling and then easily edit. Scrivener will then help you compile all your documents into a comprehensive finished product. It even has templates for various genres of writing including fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays, to make your life even easier.


Originally designed for novelists, Scrivener is used by writers of all kinds from bloggers to best-selling authors. The beauty of its appeal is its ability to organize your writing so that you can get it out to the masses.

So whether you’re looking to self-publish your first novel, become a freelance writer, write a screenplay, a thesis, or a daily blog, this is the award-winning app you need. PCmag.com claims that “For long-form works, Scrivener is the best writing app on the market. It gives you what you need to research, compose, reorganize, and edit your writing.” During our Spring Digital Blowout Campaign, you can purchase Scrivener for Mac or Windows for only $29.99 (the best price on the web!), no coupon required, until 11:59PM PST on April 3, 2023.

Prices subject to change.