How to narrow your choices for college


As high school seniors across the country start to turn in college applications, some students might need help to narrow down their choices. Take a look at some criteria that can help seniors trim their college list.


Location: Find out how far from home the student actually wants to go. Living in Hawaii might sound like a great idea, but when students face the reality of actually moving away their choices might end up being closer to home.


Money: As students narrow down their list they will have a better idea of how much money each school is and how much financial aid they might qualify for. Looking at the cost of tuition can help students narrow down their choices.


Size: After looking at various colleges student will start to know what sized campus they feel most comfortable at. Weeding out large or small schools can help students trim their lists.


Activities: How involved in campus activities does the student want to be? Are the activities he or she wants to pursue available at the college? Taking a look at extracurricular activities can help students decide where to go.