Benefits of attending community college


When deciding where to attend college, more and more kids are looking at community colleges. Find out some of the benefits community colleges offer.

Save money: Attending community college can be a lot cheaper than some four-year schools. According to a study by the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, community colleges can be about half the price of four-year schools. For students who want to eventually transfer to four-year schools, or for those attending other schools who want to save money, they can take their general classes at a community college instead of at a larger, more expensive school.

Flexible schedule: Community colleges often offer classes at various times throughout the day, allowing those with full-time jobs to take classes at night. They also often let you take one or two classes at a time, so you can make your school schedule more manageable.

Some degrees out-earn four-year degrees: Some degrees offered at community colleges can rival some degrees from four-year schools in starting salaries. By not having larger student loans to pay back, the community college graduates can have a larger margin of profit on some degrees.

Smaller classes: Community colleges typically offer smaller classes than some larger, four-year schools. Whereas some large schools might have a professor who lectures and a teaching assistant who does all of the grading, community college classes are typically small enough where the professor can build relationships with his or her students.

Can lead to acceptance at bigger school: For a student who didn’t get accepted to the first college of his or her choice out of high school, attending community college gives him or her a second chance. Students can start out at community college, improve their grades and then reapply to the larger college after a semester or a year.