6 upgrades that will make your home look more expensive

Upholstered furniture. Just like mattresses and sheets, any upholstered furniture can be home to bed bugs, fleas, and spiders, as well as unknown odors and stains. Unless you're going to reupholster the piece, steer clear.

1. Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring

This can bring new life to an old, dingy floor! It will also save you from the cost of new flooring and installation in one or multiple rooms of the house.

2. Hide your television wires in a shower curtain rod

Get those unsightly cords out of view by placing them in an old shower curtain rod, painted to match the color of your wall.

3. Invest in a larger rug 

A bigger rug can make any room seem more spacious.

4. Give your air vents a fresh look

Spray paint any old air vents black to give them a new, sleek look. This simple project can modernize a room within minutes!

5. Frame light switch covers

Purchase some inexpensive picture frames from your local craft store and put them around light switches for more polished feel.

6. Paint old appliances

Liquid stainless steel paint exists and it can instantly give your old appliances a more modern look.