What to send dad for Father's Day

It may be easy to send dad a gift card this Father’s Day (especially if that’s what he asked for) but every dad can appreciate a gift that truly comes from the heart. Break out of the norm for your dad on his day and send him a gift with a more personal touch.

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Home Movies--dads record all those special moments from that first tooth to your graduation ceremony. Send yours one of those homemade memories on a disc and add your own special commentary about how glad you are to have shared that time with him.

Tickets—whether your dad is into sporting events or theatrical performances, giving your dad one half of a pair of tickets secures a slot on both your calendars for time well spent. Finding a date to make it work for both of you may not be easy but it will always be worthwhile.

Book(s)—if your dad is a reader, send him a book (or two) you would both enjoy. Make time to read it and discuss over the next few weeks to create your own “Dad & Me Book Club”.

Memory log—write down or record a favorite memory you and dad shared, including vivid details, happy (or sad) moments, and the essence of the time shared. Dad will love to take a step back to a time he may have forgotten, knowing that all those life lessons had their payoff. Throw in any tangible items you’d saved from the memory to help ignite a deeper recollection.

Whatever you chose to send, dad deserves a personal touch to remind him of what he means to you. Make it count!