'Mom, I'm fine': Traveler comforts his worried mother from across the world

Still nerve-wracking, or is Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez best son ever?

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A man who quit his job to travel the world in 2016 is still at it -- and he’s still comforting his mother each step of the way.

Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, from Brussels, checks in often via social media -- you can find him @momimfine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook -- so that people can follow along in his travels and see what he’s up to (and the latest ways in which he’s reassuring his mother).

For some back story, it was March 2016 when Quiñonez, an entrepreneur with degrees in international business management and communications, felt as if he were in a rut. Working as a consultant at the time, he stayed up late one night watching inspirational videos online, including a powerful TED Talk that he said changed everything.

On Quiñonez’s 27th birthday, he gathered his family and friends to announce a life-changing decision: He had quit his job, sold his car and bought a one-way ticket to travel the world. The very next day, he landed in Cuba and took his first step into the new chapter of his life, according to his website.

Quiñonez said his mom has always encouraged his passion for adventure, but of course, as a mother, she’ll always worry.

Quiñonez wanted to find a simple way to reassure her -- so the signs below represent that solution.

Also on Quiñonez’s website, you can view how many people are checking in with him on social media, and view a map to see everywhere he’s traveled so far.

Now you tell us in the comments section: Best son ever, or would you still be having a heart attack daily if this were your son?

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