Mother's Day gift guide for on-the-go moms

Because coffee, cleaning and relaxation are always on the to-do list

On-the-go moms -- that's all moms, right? We love them so much, it only makes sense to try to make their lives easier. Trust me when I say these seven items will make the perfect Mother's Day gifts to do just that.

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1. Keurig

As a mom constantly on the move and a coffee lover (because life), this is the first thing I do in the morning. Trust me when I say this coffee maker is the way to go. I initially resisted getting the name brand. I purchased two others that never worked great. Then, I got a Keurig and it was happily ever after. Plus, after a long day, I love to brew myself some hot tea to relax. Two birds, one stone, my friends.

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2. Insulated coffee mug

For the moms who are too busy moving to get out the door before they can finish their coffee, this is something that will be sure to keep their coffee fresh and warm for up to six hours.

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3. One-step hair dryer/styler

Whether the mom you love washes her hair in the morning or at night, this will save her time so she can get out the door or in bed so much more quickly. This gem detangles, dries and smooths hair in half the time as blowdrying and then styling. This is in my cart as we speak, because whether my daughter (husband) buys it for me or not, this is something I need.

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4. Water-resistant crossbody bag

The perks of this one are three-fold. Having a bag that we're not constantly pulling back up to our shoulder or that's continuously falling gives us two free hands! That's a big deal. The interior organization feature is so helpful (not to mention it has credit card slots, so you can even ditch the wallet). And last, but definitely not least, having a bag that is water-resistant is a huge perk. As one proud owner of this bag said, "With this bag, you don't have to worry about rain. It's perfectly safe and it won't stain or get your stuff wet." 👈🏻 Yes, please!

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5. Massage chair cover

Forego the one-time massage visit and get this instead. Then mom can get a back rub down on the move or whenever she chooses.

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6. Instant Pot

Not only does this replace nine common kitchen appliances, it's 70 percent quicker than a slow cooker. Whether mom is thinking ahead or running behind, this makes dinner preparation so much quicker. I don't know a single mom who would turn that down.

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7. Robotic vacuum

Speaking of moms working 80-plus hours a week, after all the running around and cooking dinner, then there's cleaning to do? Ooohh, no thank you! OK, this isn't the cure-all to the cleaning woes, but it sure helps, especially if you have shedding animals. It is a constant job trying to keep floors clean. 

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