How to communicate with teachers

Tips on teacher-parent education

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A relationship between parent and teacher may be more important than you think.

How do you know if you are asking the right questions or could you be too involved? Local 6 finds out what teacher's really want from parents.

"How do I get more involved with getting my kids involved in school and in wanting to learn?" asked Natalie Morrovel, who has two children in elementary school in Orange County.

Morrovel may be asking the the million-dollar question, and Tiffany Taylor, a teacher for almost 20 years, has the answer.

"I think it's important to approach the parent-teacher relationship with respect. We are on the same side," Taylor said.

Taylor said its important to teach independence, which means separating home from school work and giving both children and their teachers some space.

"We have specific procedures and routines we want to be able to teach kids and
adhere to and if we have someone here peeking around the corner it can hinder that and be a distraction," Taylor said.

But Taylor says teachers do need help because parents know their children best.

"They have been with the child longest. They know their strengths and challenges and things that work and don't work. We need that input to get them where they need to be," Taylor said.

Taylor said it's important to stay involved in your children's school no matter how old they get.