Florida schools facing teacher shortages

Orange Co. schools add 10,000 students in two years


ORLANDO, Fla. – School districts all over Florida are facing teacher shortages, including in elementary education, which historically had the easiest jobs to fill.

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The Orlando Sentinel reported Sunday that the shortages are forcing school districts to ramp up recruitment for the 2017-2018 school year.

The recruiting is starting earlier than ever, and recruiters are exploring out-of-state candidates in the Midwest and northeast.

A main reason for the shortage is a drop in Florida college students majoring in education.

Some education professors say more college students are saying they don't think education is a rewarding career.

In the Orlando area, Orange County schools had added 10,000 students in the past two years.

The school district has hired 1,800 new teachers for the current school year, but it's still not enough.